CourtQTM is a platform that enables users to efficiently search, monitor, and mine within court documents for actionable intelligence based upon recent case activity

Automated case tracking like never before

Track Cases

Set monthly, weekly, or daily schedules to update cases and start receiving notifications.

Automated Search

Allows users to build and schedule complex searches to identify and filter new cases.

Relevancy Trigger

Set triggers by specifying keywords and phrases to be detected in docket updates.

Our Process


CourtQTM's Case Aggregation Engine collects public court records from multiple sources including, PACER and State Courts

Normalize and Standardize

Case details are normalized via a proprietary process that uses a combination of manual and automated resolution algorithms to standardize case types, case statuses, case categories, etc.

Organize for Search

Cases from multiple data sources are organized and made available for searching utilizing Big Data techniques to surface relevant information

Case Tracking and Triggers

Selected cases are available for tracking and notifications sent to users when triggers are detected in case updates